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Effective Team Meetings and Facilitation

effective team meetings

People are frustrated by ineffective meetings.  Effective team leaders know how to conduct efficient and effective meetings that create focus, engagement and energy.  To do this leaders must know how to set meetings up for success and how to wear the hat of a facilitative leader.  This two-day workshop builds immediately applicable meeting leadership skills that all leaders can use whether you are leading the meeting or participating in the meeting.


This 2-day workshop involves lots of practice and focuses on:

  • how to put create effective meeting structure that immediately provides focus and buy-in
  • helping leaders understand how to make better decisions as a team
  • how to maximize meeting engagement using facilitative leadership tools and principles
  • how to deal with conflict and resistance to change in meetings
  • how to restructure meetings so that you are not mixing the tactical with the operational with people and strategy issues all at the same time
  • leading virtual meetings via conference calls/video conferencing

The workshop involves lots of hands on practice and includes helpful tools including effective meeting questions and a meeting process template.

Click here for detailed agenda, program dates and cost.

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