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Communication for Influence

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Success in the workplace depends upon our ability to successfully communicate and influence others effectively.  As leaders, we continuously communicate with others to influence and persuade, provide clarity, and create results.  The highly interactive two-day program will enhance how you communicate with others to enhance individual and team results.

Day One of this two-day program begins by enhancing your self-awareness by exploring your preferred communication style and learning how to leverage your style to enhance one-one and team communication. Day Two provides individuals an opportunity to practice key skills developed during Day One and to explore the areas of conflict and difficult conversations.


  • Increase your communication self awareness by understanding your own personal style and learn how to flex your style to communicate more effectively with others
  • Explore your potential communication blind spots
  • Understand how messages get misinterpreted and learn how to create higher engagement with others through better listening and asking better questions. 
  • Learn how to be more assertive for the purposes of creating clarity and avoiding potential misunderstanding and conflict
  • Understand how to build trust and strengthen relationships with others
  • Recognize and deal with ineffective communication patterns and understand how conflict develops and plays out in the workplace
  • Learn how to strengthen relationships with others by understanding your own approach to conflict
  • Learn how to be more effective at resolving conflict and having those “difficult conversations” with others
  • Understand the important role healthy conflict plays within teams
  • Learn how to build trust through more effective conversation

Click here for detailed agenda, program dates and cost.

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