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Coaching for High Performance – 3 Day Workshop

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Why Coaching:

Coaching brings out the best of peoples potential and performance.  In today’s fast paced, frenetic work environment leaders are challenged to do more with less resources and less time.  Effective coaching means developing others to take on additional responsibility and accountability for results allowing leaders to focus on critical operational and strategic goals.

Who will benefit: Everyone – new and experienced leaders, their employees and the organization

Why this workshop?

This three - day workshop provides the critical tools and hands on skill development for managers to be more effective coaches and is based on proven skills , techniques and the latest research from the fields of neuroscience, human motivation and coaching practice. After years of delivery we constantly get participant feedback like:

“This is the best workshop I have ever taken” – participant Regina Jan 2011, participant Toronto Aug 2010, participant Calgary May 2009

“I can apply these skills immediately”

What we will cover:

In this workshop  we will explore learning styles, learn how to determine what type of coaching conversation to have, and build the questioning and listening tools to create engagement and commitment for action. We will examine how to coach different generations and explore employee motivation. This program makes extensive use of videotaping  to practice and enhance coaching skills.

What will I learn and how will I be better?

  1. Demonstrate and practice effective coaching skills for a variety of situations
  2. Become an effective coach through enhanced personal awareness and effective coaching skills
  3. Learn a proven and effective coaching framework that can be applied in any situation
  4. Enhance understanding of others and employee motivation in order to accomplish work through others
  5. Develop skills to overcome resistance to coaching
  6. Understand different generational needs in coaching

Price: $1899

Location:  Buffalo Mountain Lodge in Banff, Alberta

Facilitators: Larry Hulsmans,   Ginette Gamache,  Sandy Penrose

For more information or to speak to a learning specialist phone 403-760-6676 or e-mail info@reframenow.com

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