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Coaching for Courageous Conversations – 2 day workshop


Why Courageous Conversations?

Most “coaching” conversations, whether they are conversations up, down or across with peers feel like ”difficult” conversations and, as a result, most of us avoid them. This workshop gives you the tools, skills and confidence to have assertive, courageous conversations about the toughest issues in  a manner that avoids conflict, creates dialogue and leads to co-created solutions that feel like win-win.

Who will benefit?

Yourself, your organization, and everyone you come in contact with.

Coaching for Courageous Conversations is targeted at all levels of employees and supervisors who need to enhance their ability to have assertive, respectful and courageous conversations that resolve roadblocks, get focused on the business rather than the interpersonal dynamics and achieve better business results.

Why this workshop?

This workshop is rooted in decades of experience and learning from working with thousands of leaders within organizations.  Again and again we see that our inability to have tough, assertive, courageous conversations holds ourselves and others back from learning, developing and getting better results.  Effective teams are able to talk about challenging issues in a manner that creates engagement and commitment.  Coaching for Courageous Conversation will give you the skill, confidence and tools to get better results, demonstrate more confidence and to ask for what you really need in challenging situations.

What will participants learn?

  • How to have those seemingly tough conversations in a manner that creates engagement, invites dialogue in a constructive, safe manner that yields breakthrough results and innovative thinking.
  • How to prepare for the courageous conversation
  • How have the conversation in a manner that confronts reality, is absolutely honest, assertive and allows you to be true to your own convictions, thoughts and beliefs
  • How to bring emotions under control and draw others into a respectful conversation that is about results and not emotions.

What benefits will my organization realize?

  • More courageous managers willing to make tough decisions
  • Productive, engaged employees
  • Increased energy and morale
  • A healthier, more positive work environment
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