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Customized Programs – Leadership Development Curriculum

Customized Programs

Our customized leadership development experiences are world class and result in high impact learning and application.  Programs range in length from 3 days to a series of one week modules spread out over 8 -12 months that result in deep and lasting leadership impact.

Organizations strive for high performance, better results, and higher levels of engagement. The development of its leaders must be tailored to moving them from where they are today to that improved future state.  To this end, each leadership development program is different and reflective of each organization’s uniqueness.

Program Development

Typically we develop the building blocks of any customized program using the following steps:

  1. Needs Assessment and Consultations

    -Internal Focus Groups and Senior Level Consultations

    -Competency Definition and Development of Competency Assessment tools including 360 feedback instruments

  2. Program Development and Validation
  3. Pilot Program and Testing
  4. Program Roll Out that includes Executive Involvement and Coaching

The majority of customized leadership development experiences contain the following key elements:

  • Enhancing Self Awareness
  • Understanding Others and Increasing Emotional Intelligence in Self
  • Self Management and Meta Cognition
  • Communicating Effectively and Courageously
  • Dealing with Conflict Proactively
  • Understanding and flexing leadership styles to suit the situation and the audience – Participative Leadership, Situational Leadership, Servant Leadership, Facilitative Leadership
  • Developing Coaching Ability to Coach in every direction
  • Being Strategic by Seeing and Thinking Systemically
  • Increasing Team and Meeting Effectiveness
  • Leading Change and Creating Adaptive Capacity in Others

Contact us if you would like to learn more about how we do this.

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